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Courses for educators 2016

In collaboration with the Embassy of Spain-Education Office USA and Canada

The language and vine way: a trip into the Spanish language and culture

Introduction to the Spanish culture from the “cradle” of the Spanish language and the land of rich wines, exploring the relationship between language, culture and wine. Theoretical and practical sessions, complemented with visits to wineries, wine-tasting sessions and gastronomy experiences.

Course description

This course intends to be a window into the Spanish language and culture with a special emphasis on their close link and mutual influence and interdependence. With a focus on two main aspects of our region: wine and language, we set out to introduce learners into Spanish culture and show how both aspects have developed in parallel through the years. Known as the origin or “cradle” of the Spanish language, our region offers an incomparable setting to look deep into the roots of the Spanish language and culture within our land of rich wines. We also want to show how culture can serve as a pedagogical instrument to develop language in the Spanish class and how it makes up an essential part of communicative competence.


  • Introduce students into the Spanish culture from the “cradle” of the Spanish language and the land of rich wines.
  • Explore the relationship between language, culture, and wine.
  • Examine culture as a didactic tool in the Spanish class and the development of communicative competence.


The course will offer both theoretical and practical sessions which will show cultural aspects related to art, cooking and eating, literature, cinema, geography, or history with special emphasis on linguistic aspects and wine-related issues. Theoretical sessions will be complemented with practical classes where we will read texts, recipes, watch movies or documentaries, drawings, paintings, or maps related to the language way and the wine way. Besides, we will also propose pedagogical interventions aimed using this cultural knowledge in the Spanish class.

General information about the courses:

Three weeks courses (60 hours of tuition), from 4 to 22 July 2016

4 daily hours, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 11:30 to 13:30

University dorms or homestay

1600 Euros

Cultural activities included:

  • Welcome reception.
  • Guided visit to the historic quarter of Logroño the first day of the course.
  • Visit to Monastery of San Millán de La Cogolla (cradle of the first words written in Spanish and included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996).
  • Visit to the Wine Culture Museum Dinastía Vivanco.
  • Visit to Bodega Dinastía Vivanco
  • Wine-tasting.
  • Farewell lunch, traditional menu.
  • Closing ceremony with Spanish wine.


Fundación de la Universidad de La Rioja
Departamento de Proyectos Internacionales
Avda. de La Paz, 107
26006 Logroño (La Rioja)
e-mail: espanol@unirioja.es
teléfono: (34) 941 299 272
fax: (34) 941 299 183