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    Logroño, the best city to live in Spain

    Logroño, capital of La Rioja, has been chosen as “the best city to live in Spain” by Merco Ciudad 2010 research, managing by Justo Villafañe, Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid. Besides, it is ranked among the Best Ten Spanish Cities for studying and enjoying.

    The research has been made by an independent company, based on a random sample of 81 cities, 9.100 survey respondents, 250 city indicators and 95 experts in urban management.

    Logroño citiziens enjoy a clean and safe city, with high quality of life, which has available good connections and adequate health-care service, as well as, enviable green areas. 

    Thanks to its appropriate population census and ideal size, citizens and visitors can walk and drive along the city without traffic jams and the masses of people so typical in big cities, but with all their facilities.

    In “Calle Laurel” and its surroundings you may enjoy the best local atmosphere while tasting its world-renowned wines and amazing tapas.
    Furthermore, according to another survey published by the World Health Organization (WHO), Logroño is in second place in the ranking of Spanish cities with higher quality breathing air. Its citiziens also enhance other characteristics such us the mild climate, no traffic jams, hardly overcrowded and short distances.

    Logroño is connected with nearby cities such as Pamplona and Bilbao by one hour driving. Its local airport provides daily flights to/from Madrid which may link with international flights.